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Thread: looking for mud boat and motor

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    Default looking for mud boat and motor

    Can some one tell me if there is a dealer here in alaska that sells mud motors and mud motor boats, or if anyone has a used one for sale I would interested in that too.

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    pm sent tx

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    There are two dealers that are members here.

    StuAlaska --- Godevil

    Shannon --- Pro Drive

    I haven't heard of any Gatortails in Alaska. Glenn Foreman said he has a Mudbuddy dealer up here somewhere, but I don't recall who it is.

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    Default Just in case

    Probably wont help you out much, but ill be leaving state this winter and selling my pro drive/lowe set up after the season. If you end up not finding what you want before the season, let me know and i can hook you up with a good deal.

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    Boatshop in Fairbanks has the ProDrives. I have one and like it better than my buddies Mud Buddy. Gear vs. belt, electric clutch vs centrifugal

    They can be had used if you keep your eye out...good luck

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    Default found one

    Thanks for all the input. I found a boat, and I am getting a PD from shannon.


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