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Thread: I have had good luck with Moyle Mink tannery in idaho, cheap to..

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    Default I have had good luck with Moyle Mink tannery in idaho, cheap to..

    I have had really good luck with moyle mink tannery in idaho..they charge 25 bucks a linear ft to tan a bear....that is 150 bucks for a 6 ft bear, plus shipping...

    also, during mid and early spring, they are very fast...just a couple of months turn around...and if you pay them an extra ten bucks on fox, etc, they will do a 30 day expedited job!....i have nothing bad about them at all...

    the guys that use the shishmareff tanner here close to where i am tell of waiting up to a year for their stuff...

    moyle does get backed up at the end of april/may though...

    the did beaver for me for 25 bucks for my huge ones...when they came back, i mean they were so much thicker, the fur was so soft and stood up, i could not believe it....and the hide side was so soft and stretchy...everyone that has seen it, mainly native folk here, have marveled at them....they will make great sewing pelts for hoods, etc ...

    i think they are at ...their phone number does not seem to be on need to email them or google thier number, it will come up....

    if you have any good or bad on them please post and let me know what you think...

    Scotty in the AK bush

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    Default I agree

    I also like Moyle! I have sent hundreds of pelts to Moyle and I have never been disappointed. I have never lost a hide (or had extras) when I got my return shipment.

    My largest shipment was over a hundred furs and all was in good shape!

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    Default Moyle won't work, try



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