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    I wanted to try dipnetting in China Poot Creek this year, but I don't know anything about success rates or recommended gear. Can anyone offer advice, experiences, etc? Thanks.

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    Sorry I can't help you, but I plan on going this weekend. However, I was hoping to catch them via rod & reel instead of net. I will let you know what I find out when I return.

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    Went over yesterday early am tide. no fish to speak of in creek. Saw 2 people that had 4 total. alot of holes now have big trees in them and water level high . very few jumpers outside in bay in front of creek.. RunToo early to be there it appears.

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    Went over again today (6th) no fish and no jumpers in the bay this mornings tide. Cost recovery commerical boats left China Poot after finding no schools of red's also. Some people have snagged a few over 4th weekend. So I'm still waiting for the run to hopefully start soon.


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