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Thread: What is the earliest month in Ak to harvest a beaver pelt?>

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    Default What is the earliest month in Ak to harvest a beaver pelt?>

    Ok, where I am just 80 miles east of nome, we get consistently 20 to 0 weather in nov for sure, by end of november our bay is frozen up wtih consistenly -20 to mid, i guess oct is starting to see consistenly teens to a little above freezing....

    i want to take alot of beaver by boat ASAP...hopefully in oct and nov....

    what do you think? i want a nice full fur....the problem is that our ponds freeze up so thick, like 5 ft by mid winter that it is impossible to set ice sets....

    any ideas?

    Scotty in the AK bush

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    Default Oct

    I am out in SW AK and our season opens in October. My trapping partner was on my case last year saying that early season beavers weren't as good as late winter. When we got our hides back from the tannery he could not tell which hides were which. I am sure a furrier could tell but for the most part October Beaver are pretty decent - my opinion. Heck of a lot easier too...

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    If you want to shoot/trap beavs in open water, you have to deal with less than prime furs.
    If you want the thickest fur, trap under ice, or places where the water stays open.
    You ain't lived there long enough to make the weather forecasts you did. Nov. can be consistently ABOVE freezing these days.
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