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Thread: 10 weight for Kings?

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    Default 10 weight for Kings?

    I have noticed people fishing/flipping with fly rods for Kings on the Kasilof and ship creek. Since the rod is only used to flip not fly cast is there a reasonable priced fly rod brand out there that can hold up to a King and is a 10 weight the best choice. So many chooses.

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    Walmart sells a 10wt Lamiglas for about $150. I normally use my 9wt GL3 for any hatchery Kings when fishing Ship, Ninilchik, Kasilof, etc. When fishing for the "hogs" in the valley, my 10wt G1298-10 Lamiglas holds up excellent even in the combat zone such as the mouth of Willow or Montana Creek. You might get the "stink eye" from all the bait/spincasters but I believe that's the best and easiest way to control the flipping of your lure whether it be corkies, spin & glo's, yarn flies, etc. I managed to pull in a nice 40# hen last year at Willow & a 45# buck at Montana this year no problem while fishing the combat zone. My 8 year old son also pulled in a King at Montana using the same rod this year.

    If you pretty much have the river to yourself, it's possible to pull them in with an 8wt. A few Memorial Day weekends back, our group had Ninilchik pretty much to ourselves so we decided to mess around and go light. I released several with my 8wt Sage.


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