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Thread: Late Season Blackies

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    Default Late Season Blackies

    Went up to no-name creek and spotted a blackie about 400 yards uphill; wasn't confident enough to take a shot but was really tempted (as we all are with testing our fences). Saw another on a seperate butte and was completely in awe of our great state and creation in general. Anyone have any tips for practice for such a shot? The bear was guessed at about 5.5', not a triangle anymore but not much past it. The other was definately a shooter with a broad spread on the ears.

    By the way, both were excellent coats with no visable rubs!
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    400 yards is a long shot to take on a bear with about any gun....close the distance....otherwise you may wind up chasing a wounded bear, and trust me, that is not much fun!

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    Default Get Closer

    Unless you are very confident, I wouldn't take that shot. Bear feeding up high are pretty easy to get closer to if you have the wind right. They can't see very well and don't look for danger a lot. I had a similar situation last year and got within 300 and made the shot. It was still pretty far but a porcupine gave up my position and the bear was about to take off.
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