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Thread: Last chance for reloading stuff on e-bay!

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    Exclamation Last chance for reloading stuff on e-bay!

    Any body else looking to see if anything can still be had for a good price? I was on last night looking for anything .411ish, didn't find much...but did see a bit of .458 stuff. Only problem is, no .458!

    Now I'm thinking more and more about how I'd really like wunnuv them. I think a guy could just load that up and down all day long, depending on how much recoil he wanted to deal with that day.

    Geez, start my own thread and already there's thread drift! Anyway, I guess the 13th (monday) is the day they'll no longer be allowing auctions of anything that can make a gun go "bang"!


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    Default I gave 'em the finger last week!

    Requested they close my account, and told them why. Screw 'em...

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    I haven't got any information on reloading components not being allowed on ebay anymore. Do you have a link? I checked the annoucements and didnt find it there either.

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    Default eBay Not!

    eBay is no longer going to sell anything related to guns, period. I read a little blub their pc correct CEO wrote as to why it has happened, using Virginia Tech as the basis. Right. Same old bassakwards liberal thinking. I am cutting them loose, too. It was bad enough when they stopped allowing cigars to be sold.


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