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Thread: Glennallen to Delta

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    Default Glennallen to Delta

    I'm new to the area, and I'm kind of short on waterfowling equipment. I'm living in Glennallen currently, curious if anyone knew of some reasonable spots to do some duck hunting. I don't have a boat, which I know will probably make things more difficult. Almost everyone I've met here will be after moose during waterfowl season, and I'm still a couple months away from meeting the residency requirements, and just can't afford to hunt moose.

    Any recommendations on places to go, or anybody got room for another hunter?

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    Default Delta area

    If your a midweek hunter and interested in some birds around delta-shoot me a pm.

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    There is an outfitter C&S Charters that has blinds and decoys in Delta Junction to hunt geese and crane. They charge $75 a day. The number is 488-2589.


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