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Thread: Russian River Report?

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    Default Russian River Report?

    Okay, just wondering if anyone has fished the second run of reds lately in the Russian River? How did it go? Would it be worth the trip down from Anchorage?

    Thanks, folks! Summer is slipping away quickly and I'd like to squeeze every minute out of it before the sun gets much lower in the sky...

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    Default russian

    I might go there this weekend, I f do I'll post comments on it

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    Been down there twice this week and the russian itself was very slow. Fished the confluence and there were some fish there but alot of red red's showing up too. If you take your time you can get your limit. Lots of big bucks but they are turningall ready
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    We camped down there Tues-Thurs this week. As stated earlier, the Russian itself was virtually fishless. But the sanctuary between the ferry and the confluence really picked up on Thursday night -- our last night there (fished sundown until 1 am). I landed 1 bright sockeye (luck), but the guys on each side of me were hooking and landing fish left and right. They obviously knew what they were doing. They could have limited very quickly had they chosen to. I obviously have a lot to learn. One thing I have learned is that you can't judge the quality of the fishing by watching most of the fisherman. Ten percent catch 90% of the fish... (Folks watching my wife and I would conclude fishing was poor).

    My wife landed a nice silver there (same spot below the confluence) on Thursday. We watched a guy land a dark king after a long battle on Thursday night, and another guy hooked into a likely old king there Friday as well.

    Anyone teach classes on how to successfully fish for reds? I have to master this sometime!
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    I fished a few times during the week and also found it slow.

    Then took off work today (friday 8/11) and hit the confluence again. Bam! Second run reds were up in with full force. They were bigger, second run fish, and they were in good shape. Only a few really red ones (I suspect first run fish). Fish on everywhere, I limited pretty easily (2-3 hours), and my first-time fishing sister even got one. Most people left with limits. Weather was beautiful, and river was actually not crowded. I also had a king on for about 5 minutes before losing it.

    All in all, an AMAZING day of fishing.


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