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Thread: White Gloves??????

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    Default White Gloves??????

    I was just recently down at the Klutina watching a bunch of fisherman on the opposite bank from which I was fishing flipping for Reds and I would say about half of them where wearing white gloves. What is up with that????? I just had to sit and laugh!!! I guess they did not want to get line abraisions on there fingers.

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    Default Gloven it...

    You were observing sun protective, re-enforced leather palms, and protective index and middle finger-guarded fishing gloves.

    They are designed to defray cuts and abrasions when stripping flies, and provide extra support when fighting fish.

    Yours, if wish to shell out out $14.95 per pair.
    I'll take the war wounds any day...

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    If they were locals rather than visiting sports, they were more likely cheap cotton gloves from local marine supply stores. Commercial fishermen and cannery workers wear them all the time. Last time I checked they were $1.50 a pair or $12 a dozen. Work just as well, plus you can dump them in the washer between uses.


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