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    Default New Member - 1st trip

    I have a trip scheduled 9/12 - 9/18 at the Northern Lights Haven Lodge, located 60 miles SE of Yakutat in the Glacier Bay National Preserve and Dry Bay. It is situated along the East Alsek River.
    I'm an east coast in-shore/off-shore salt water fisherman, so this is a big leap (geographically and technique-wise) for me. Looking for some advice please. I'm all set with clothing. Even though I'm new to fly fishing I'm bringing an 8wt fly fishing set up. I also want to bring a spinning combo, which is what I need your help with. Is anyone familiar with Northern Lights Lodge? A friend booked it for me and I have no contact with the lodge itself, suposedly they have no contact with the world except in emergencies during the season (no response to my emails).
    So my questions in no particular order:
    • What type of spinning eqpt should I bring? I'm thinking about a med to heavy weight 4 piece rod, and a reel spooled with 10-12 # test. Accurate? What type of line is better? Mono? Braided? We'll be fishing for silvers, chum and dollys (never caught any of them).
    • Do I bring my own tackle? If so, what is recommended?
    • Should I not bring salt water gear and go buy fresh water gear?
    • Regarding all types of fly line, tippets, etc, plus spinning line tackle, etc - don't the lodges ususlly have abundant supplies that they provide as pasrt of the trips cost?
    Sorry for all the goober questions,and Thank you!

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    Post website?

    Did youhappen to check out there website? They have limited amount of information there but some may be useful. They also have some contact information including a phone number for people to contact them. It couldn't hurt to call them and ask them what they supply. You may be thankful that you may not need to bring everything on the plane. Here is the information I found on there site.

    Contact Vern Schumacher at 360.864.6755 or email

    The web address is

    I hope this helps you.


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