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Thread: 17B Moose Numbers???

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    Default 17B Moose Numbers???

    Only 3 weeks left and we'll be departing for 17B Moose hunt!! Extremely pumped! Anyone in their travels been in/over/around Wood Tickchik Park? Moose numbers look decent?

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    Default Nobody?

    Nobody been over 17B? ....just bringing it up front again for a new batch of viewers...

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    I've hunted the upper area of 17B, specifically Nishlik lake but it is just tundra there and little to no moose. I've talked to a few people and the central areas of 17B had been producing moose a few years ago but I really don't know what's been happening for the last two years.

    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. Who is flying you in?

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    I was in !7b, Wood Tikchik area last September on a moose hunt. Saw 1 cow & calf. Lots of black bears and a few browns. 1/2 a dozen caribou. My partner and his guide did get 2 sub-legal bulls in close. The weather was terrible, very wet and to warm.

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    A friend was up at Chikuminuk Lake a week ago and saw very little for moose sign. He did shoot a Caribou about 3 hrs before the plane was due to pickup. He only saw 3 Caribou for 5 days but the fishing was good. Do you know what lake you'll be hunting on? 17b is big, to ask " How are moose numbers in 17b is pretty vague. Moose per Sq mile vs Moose per sq mile of Moose habitat. Just like politicitians, you can paint a rosy picture or doomsday by how you word something. KK

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    We'll be on Chauekuktuli, between Chikumunik and Nuyakuk. Bay Air is flying us in, out of Dillingham. Will have 'bou tags as well and probably going to gran a bear tag. Have boat, so we can cover the whole lake to access different terrain if needed.

    Thanks for any additional input.


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