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Thread: total finds 2007

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    Default total finds 2007

    Post what you have found year to date..

    I will post my pics later after I upload them

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    YTD, some flake, a bunch of bottle caps, couple nails, and a butterknife. wasnt a very fruitfull summer. but i did have some fun, and was glad to get out.

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    Man I totaly goose egg'd it....Shows ya I know squat about where to look :) But the fun is in looking and exploring right?
    If where still here come next year,Im going up the Yukon to check some places out.
    But I'll tell you what,I sure misss my relic hunting.Daniel

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    Default My 2007 Total

    3/4 ounce in 6 days with 25 gal of gas burned in 12 HP honda on 5 inch dredge.

    Biggest nugget .8 PWT

    Not a very good spot, Petersville area but good weather and good time.

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    Default 07 Take


    I am new to the board.

    Over the past several years my partners and I have built a highbanker and a dredge. We have a claim in the 40 mile district and enjoy what we do. Best wishes to other prospectors and miners.


    There's a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.
    Steven Wright

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    3-1/2 lbs of bullets bout half a vial of gold and a gold tooth. peeters creek by Willow

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    Default Awesome pictures Bruce !

    Everybody needs a gold mining dog, your newfie looks like a great bear dog cause he closly resembles a black bear. I would probably crap down my leg if I tripped over him !!

    My bear dog is Jake, German Shepard good friend.

    The camp at one spot,

    This years new buggy,

    Good gold by the way,

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    Default Upcoming season

    Hey Norm,

    Jake looks like he is pretty low maintenance. I love your buggy. I wish I had the skills and time to put something like that together to take into the claim. We have to rely on quads. What kind of 5 inch set up do you run? We are venturing into hookah this upcoming season. That should open up a few more possibilities for us. Diving is all new to me. Spent last weekend in a local river trying to get all of the bugs out of our setup.

    Cache Creek area is very pretty. I was in there a couple of years ago. Had a ball. There should be plenty of company in that area this year with the price of gold where it is. I am excited for the upcoming season. Uffda the newfie is ready as well. We were pulled off the side of the road last year up in the YT and a well meaning blue haired lady at the helm of one of those huge RVs stopped and shouted at me to warn me of the bear in the woods. She was surprised when the ‘bear’ came up and licked my hand. He is a big boy but a worthless bear and boat dog.

    Best wishes for the year,


    My website

    There's a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.

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    Uffda, he sounds Norweigan ?? I would have been half tempted to wrassle with him with the blue hair watching as I screamed bloddy murder to check her blood PSI.

    The 5" is an older Keene triple box, I completely rebuilt the sluice box last year due to a mishap with a flooding stream and two 1/2" ropes breaking.

    I firmly believe I have lost nothing out the back end. Very good fine gold collection system with the punch plate and drop in velocity in the two side boxes.

    I work subsurface completly. I bought a Harvey's 6.5MM drysuit last year and it works good, one spot we tried I had to have 80# on my belt and suspenders just to hope to start a hole. The hooka is run off my dredge motor.

    I have fun but always spend too much to go armed camping.



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