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    If anyone needs another guide for duck season this year i am interested in helping. I've lived here four years. Just got out of army. I work a week on week off in anchorage, i'd love to help on my week off. Hunted ducks in texas my whole life. I am a good caller and know how to use decoy spreads to my advantage. call 229-8328 or respond on this thread.

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    My name is Jack and Im also from Texas. Moving that way in October, working in Afghanistan. I need a hunt. Email me at JAD344@HOTMAIL.COM.

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    Are you a registered guide?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Birdstrike View Post
    Are you a registered guide?
    As in did you complete this form to end up on this list.

    This is a way for the guides to market their services to tourists or people that need assistance. There is no fee for filing the form. If you are accepting money from a client you need to be registered is how it was explained to me.

    The list might be a good way to contact folks to see if they need help.


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