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Thread: Ak Fishing News: Eshamy Creek Lagoon / Drainage Closed to Sockeye Keeping August 10

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    Arrow Ak Fishing News: Eshamy Creek Lagoon / Drainage Closed to Sockeye Keeping August 10

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    From an ADFG News Release:

    Beginning Friday, August 10, anglers may not keep or possess sockeye (red) salmon in the salt waters of Eshamy Lagoon (Editor: Prince William Sound) inside ADF&G markers, as well as in the entire fresh waters of the Eshamy Creek drainage. All sockeye salmon accidentally caught while fishing for other fish must be released without removing them from the water.

    The daily limit for salmon (other than king and sockeye salmon) remains 6 per day and 12 in possession, of which only 3 per day and 3 in possession may be coho (silver) salmon.

    The escapement of sockeye salmon past the Eshamy Creek weir is well behind the normal count for this date. By this date, the escapement averages 8,722 sockeye salmon, but is now only 1,779, with only small schools of sockeye observed in the lagoon. Low rainfall may further hamper adequate escapement. In order to ensure that the escapement goal of 20,000 to 40,000 sockeye salmon can be met, further sport fishing harvest must be curtailed. Sockeye salmon fishing will be re-opened if the escapement can be projected to exceed 20,000 fish.

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    Default Bummer

    What a bummer......we've been keeping an eye on this fishery and what a let down.


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