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Thread: Fishing Russian River campground - this Sunday

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    Default Fishing Russian River campground - this Sunday

    Our family is driving the RV down to Kenai Pen this Sunday; staying 2 nights at Russian River campground. Where should I walk from the campground to start fishing - hike up the Russian, start at the campground and work down, or start at the confluence?

    Heard there's a good number of sockeye stacked at the Canyon. Has anyone done well doing the float trip down to Jim's Landing?

    Thanks for your help. Looking forward to giving my boys a chance to catch their first salmon.


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    Default Drift to Jim's

    I drifted from Sportsman's (Russian) to Jim's yesterday and only saw a few reds that had not gone beyond the "blush" stages. Three experienced sockeye fishermen and only 3 reds for the day, and we fished hard. They have to be holding out in Skilak lake or something. We had a few guides notice the 3 we had and asked where we found them as they fish the river everyday and haven't been seeing, let alone catching many "chromers" either. I also talked with a few guys that had been fishing the Russian and was told it was very slow there as well. It was still a beautiful day fishing on the river in the middle of the week though. Not very many people on the river like there has been on the weekends, and the sun was out and the temperature in the 70's all day long.


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