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Thread: Matching rear/front tire width

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    Default Matching rear/front tire width

    I'm curious, does anyone have an opinion on whether or not it's important to have the same width tire for front and rear? Seems to me that you'd want a wider rear tire for traction and not as wide in the front for handling, although the problem I have run into is matching tubes as there isn't a tube that fits both my front and rear tires (or is designed to fit both). Any thoughts?

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    I would think they should be the same or the FRONT larger for staying put in tight turns. Your back tire can skid around a bit and you won't dump it, but if your front tire slips...there goes all of your control AND balance.

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    I thought you'd want the back tire a little wider just to give you more traction but I suppose that's what the different tread patterns are for. Thanks for the response, suppose I'll be getting a new front tire now too.

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    I don't imagine it'd hurt to have a wider rear long as your front tire has decent width too....Always figure the same width would be just


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    Default Tire Width

    I tend to use wider tires on the front as traction up front is more important for single track riding than the rear and also many bikes are limited by the frame on the rear tire size and now we have a good selection of wide tires. I run a WTB 2.55LT on the front on a couple of bikes and 2.0 on the rear. Be sure to look at the Alaska forum at for Alaska/northern Canada riding subjects.

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    Default tire width

    racing in the mountain states cup series we see almost half the people running a fatter front.

    it gives the need cush, handling and tracking while the narrow rear tracks so much better.

    i use a 2.5 in front and a 2.35 in rear. it made a big difference in my times and my teammates said there was a notable difference. these two sizes allow me to run the same tubes or go tubeless.

    if we do downhill specific or know there are tons of drops over six feet i run a bigger rear.

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