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Thread: A computer based GPS map software?

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    Default A computer based GPS map software?

    Has anyone tried the Google Earth Pro upgrade with their GPS? Its 20 dollars a year and is supposed to offer features not available in the free version, like increased resolution and the ability to download waypoints from your GPS.

    Ultimately I am looking for a good PC based map that I can use to research trips, mark interesting way points on, then sync my GPSmap 76cx with. The map that is installed with the factory Garmin software leaves MUCH to be desired.

    I purchased the blue chart from Anch to Juneau, and the Alaska Topo which are great on the GPS itself, but they don't do anything for PC viewing.

    Any suggestions?
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    You may already have done so but on the PC using AK Topo be sure to select the view tab and then "show gps map detail" as well as changing the map detail to highest under the same tab.

    My only complaint with the Garmin software is that I haven't found a way to put Topo and Bluechart on the same maps to load in the GPS. So I have 2 cards and hope I don't loose one.

    I don't have any clue how good the GEP is.

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    AKBighorn, What worked for me was copying both Street Maps and Bluechart map sets to my computer's hard drive first. (This could just as easily been Topo and Bluecharts, but I was installing my fathers software on his GPS, and that's what he had. After copying to the hard drive I installed the program from there. Then I opened the Streets map and selected the areas I wanted, and then opened the Bluechart maps and selected the areas I wanted from that. Finally, I uploaded them both to the GPS.

    When I turned it on, only the Bluechart displayed, but I fiddled with the menu until I found where to turn the Bluechart map off, and up came the Street map. So now I can switch back & forth between the two. What I couldn't get to work was both maps at the same time.

    Garmin Mapsource is not the best thought out computer program I have used as it's interface is clunky and has odd limitations like this, but I haven't found anything better for Garmin GPS units.

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    Default Same boat..

    I bought a 76CSx last winter and the installed map was useless. I went with the Mapsource ($80 on and it seems to be fine for what I need. I was just loading the Farewell area on it tonight in fact (I need a bigger memory chip...). I too saved all the disks directly to my hard drive which made the manipulation much simpler.

    My next purchase will be Bluechart for marine applications, I'm just having trouble coughing up another $200 for software!

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