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    Default Peninsula Moose

    Well, after several tries, I finally am able to post on the new forum. It's not David's fault - just didn't seem to work. Anyway, we are scheduled to do a drop camp for moose somewhere near Beecheroff Lake for the Sept 10 - 20 season. Does anyone have any helpful information about the moose hunting in that area.

    We have purchased a bear fence to use for the first time. I'll let everyone know what I think of it after we are done with the hunt.

    I know this shows me as a new member but I used to post frequently under the same name in the Old Forum.

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    I have hunted moose on the shores of Becharof 3 of the past 6 years. The other 3 were spent moose hunting other parts of the state. There is a lot I could tell you about the area. Who is dropping you off?

    Don Mulligan

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    Default We hunt the lake from a boat.

    We usually don't see anyone from our boat but last year we bumped into two guys that we're dropped off on the lake. The plane dropped them vvery close to our boat. We all got along but we decided to leave them alone since it became too crowded. we did hunt he backside of where they were often seeing them in the distance. one of them tooka moose in a swamp. we scared the others out of the area but unitntentianally. i think we crowded the moose out. the lake was good but crowded for us now.


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