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Thread: Question on presenting eggs hook size?

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    Default Question on presenting eggs hook size?

    I was going to try fishing with eggs on the Little SU and was wondering if anyone would share th best hook/size and type as well as the type of weights used. I was thinking of a 2/0 octopus hook with small no snag pencil weight or some split shots? I have not used eggs for salmon before and I have also heard that a soft tipped fiberglass rod will outfish the graphite rods when egg fishing due to the softer tip? Was also wondering if eggs fresh from a fish will stay on the hook? How about line? I am planning on using 30lb Power pro with 12lb mono leader? Any recommendations would be great?


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    size of hooks would be 2/0 or 3/0 and of corse everyone has there favorate brand names,so my suggestion is buy what you can afford,i would also reccommed using floats insteat of lead,it's by far the best way to present your eggs,the hardest part of learning how to fish a float is trying to figure your depth. You want your bait off the bottom, so try to figure out the shallowist part of your drift and set your bait above that, right now the water is on the low side, the deepist i'm running baits is about 2 to 2 1/2 ft below the bobber,there's alot of little tricks to learn when bobber fishing,but in general it very easy. one last thing i also prefer slip bobbers,which makes ajusting your bobber depth way easy,and don't forget to throw in a couple spit shot 6" above your bait,you need to get the bait down fairly fast. good luck and happy hunting


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