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Thread: Are there any Pros/Cons to Mongoose MTB?

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    Default Are there any Pros/Cons to Mongoose MTB?

    Ok here is the question of the week. First off i have heard good things and bad things about mongoose mountain bikes. And all i want to know is if i am getting my moneys worth if i buy one? i mean if i spend the 250 -300 dollars is it worth it ? any help in this would be appreciated.
    thanks. Bill

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    If you will be using the bike often you will find yourself quickly disappointed and looking for a new bike immediately. For getting around in the city they are alright, but if you will be spending any time on the trail you'll find they break easy. You don't get enough if any warranty support to warrant the trouble of getting it fixed. The bottom of the line components won't hold up to any of the stresses put on them. Right now is a good time to check out the bike shops for sales as the 08 models are rolling in.

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    Go to and read reviews


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