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    Default Caribou Hide

    I am preparing to go on a caribou hunt soon and am considering trying to save the hide. Any thoughts on this?

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    Go for it.
    A buddy a mine has a couple in his house. Look pretty nice.


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    Default Bring lots of salt...

    to dry the hide, & use a good sharp knife when you skin your animal, as any fat or tissue on the hide will need to be scraped off in the future. Caribou hide are some of the most beautiful land animal hides on the planet...

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    If you're just relaxing around camp and you've already taken the bou spend some time fleshing the hide out as best you can. If there's still a lot of fat and flesh attached to the hide salting it won't accomplish much. Flesh it out well first before you start putting the salt on it.

    They are very beautiful hides. I am hoping to get another one or two this fall.

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    Default Another question...

    So, if I opt to keep the hide do I have to gut the animal or does anyone know a creative way to 'fillet' style dress the animal and still keep the hide. What about getting it tanned... anyone have any experience with this? Thanks for all your input!

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    No, you don't have to gut the caribou. I've kept two during my caribou hunts. You can peel the hide from the bottom instead of the top and fillet and quarter it the normal way, its just takes a little time to take the hide off. I took one to Alpha Furs in Anchorage and the other one to Lone Wolf Taxidermy and he had it tanned. Both turned out well.


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