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    Just thought I'd give an update on the ship creek silver run.

    It looks like they're definitely showing in catchable numbers. I fished from 7-12 last night just upstream of the rr bridge. Caught equal numbers of silvers and pinks, and everyone else looked to have about the same ratio. In 5 hours caught about 4 silvers (didn't take any though). Mine were small, but I saw many people with hogs.

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    What about my dynamite?


    I'll have to check it out. Were you using eggs, spinners, yarn?

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    I fished the low and incoming tide with yarn and a size 6 hook. Standard flipping setup. I also used some coho flies after I ran out of size 6 hooks, noticing only a slight decrease in hookup rate. I don't mess with the high tide :-).


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