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Thread: Ok Got my License, now what...

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    Default Ok Got my License, now what...

    Am new to trapping & would like to try my trappin' legs, I see snares being sold in the stores, where does one go to learn all the in's & out's of trapping?

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    The alaska forum. google it
    Fur-Fish-Game magazine
    The Trapper and Predator Caller magazine.
    Join the National trappers assoc. they have a magazine
    Join the Alaska Trappers Assoc., they also have a mag. has a wilderness trapping forum with alot of species specific info.

    Trapperman has links to businesses that sell trapping supplies.

    Can't you get help from your in-laws? Should be folks with unused traps around the village.
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    Default MT...

    Yeah, Mike Duny's a big trapper, & a bigger friend, but he's currently doing VSW work, but I am sure he'll show me what I need...Just trying out this forum & see what I can get prior to piquing his interest in tutoring me..>

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    Default I just finished up my first year trapping multiple times a week...

    Ok, for what it is worth, i just finished my first year trapping out here near nome on a bay...

    get you a broad selection of traps and snares but not a whole lot of them!....

    the 110 conibears are good for the little varmints, martins, etc...set one for martin, and maybe one for mink near water...

    then take you a 220 and set it at a bucket set or hole set for fox...

    then set you some 330 for lynx, etc in a hole or bucket set...hey, you might just not use the 220's and stick to 330's incase you get a wolverine....beaver mounds are great sets for these or in a side bank near the beaver mound....maybe set a 330 in the ice also...

    then, get you some long spring 1.5's for fox traps and set them on river banks under old stumps....get you some seaguls if you can, man, i have seen a deadd nasty one that the foxes dug up and continually rolled in it fo rall of winter!...if it is legal, i mean!....there are many sets for fox, just look them up!....

    then get you some #4's or 5 long spring for wolf/beaver and early winter with the fresh snow, wolf will run a weekly or biweekly pattern so set near their'll catch fox in it, but, keep it loaded and scent free!!! i sometimes use the needles from a fir tree to cover my gloves, traps, and then to cover my trap with...and all around...

    lastly, get you some small fox snares..a dozen is cheap..and set holes, trails and hollowed logs, etc....and heavy duty wolf/wolverine/beaver snares are not bad by the dozen either...get them, with some pig tails...set at trails, holes, beaver den entrances, etc ....

    2 110's $15
    2 330's $30
    2 1.5 ls $18
    2 #5's $50
    12 small snare $10
    12 large snare $20
    12 pig tails $15
    100 ft chain $35
    total apprx. 200

    Plus any other stuff like a shovel, heavy pliars, hammer, bailing wire!!!!...baits....scents...Just look up the trapping equipment accessories at any of the tapping supplies and you'll get an idea of what you need...

    your rig setup needs a compartment in back for bait...then in front put a box for your traps, gloves, shovel, etc...make it secure, but, accessible for quick sets...

    You need to get your setup for scent free...i have a pair of gloves i stick in a waist pouch on my snow machine and i changet into them when i start to set a trap....i keep fir needles in it....i also spray fir scent on my shoes, maybe on my knees..some people use a kneeling board, i don't...

    and get your trapping box, sled, etc setup where you can set quick, scent free...if it is like 20 below, you don't want to dicker around for an hour getting it set...have your chain already set to a drag log, run out to where you watn to set after scouting...and roll it offf your rig with trap attached....set the trap, bury,m etc and get out of there!!!!

    if you are setting to a tree, have nails, etc ready to go...trap on your chain, etc...boil your chain too!!!...

    how will you dispatch an animal? suggestion, have a 22 and do a chest shot...if you don't want the heads, then, do an eye shot.....choke them also with a snare....

    have a survival kit on trail with some food incase you break down...maybe a vhf....

    hope this helps...just ask if you need anymore advice... oh, hey, if you are near the ocean, etc, try setting on the ice at an upheavel place..the fox love to den up in these hollowecd out ice caves!..make sure your drag log is huge,or you tied the trap to the ice might get an arctic!...

    my email is o

    also, remember, early season is usually no snow or shallow snow...dec, jan, feb are deep snow....then late season things are melting, the animals lots of times will move around to different areas depending on the snow.....sooooo, look ahead....

    maybe trap beaver/mink/otter in nov before freeze up with a boat and gun...then late season when things start to melt, you can set good beaver sets at the emergency entrance/exit which is away from the den...just look for tracks...

    make sure you double boil suggestion, use hot water and a scent free soap to scrub alot of the grease off before you boal...i thihk that alcohol would take off can then rewash with teh scent free soap...then boil once, change water, boil again...then store them in a box of fir leaves, etc...
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