Rifle came in yesterday, 300 WM. Fit and finish is very good and I like everything about it except for the high gloss stock but that is easy to get rid of.
It is very easy to break apart. Remove the magazine and open the action. Underneath the rear of the barrel is a lever you pull down. Once the lever is pulled down the barrel separates from the action. The barrel section is 25 inches long and the stock and action are about 22 inches.
Iron sights are ok. They look kind of cheap but have a nice sight picture to them. I doubt if I will get a chance to shoot the rifle soon but will post results when I do.
Could make an interesting companion on fly in hunts or as a rifle I can carry in the storage box on my atv. I look at this as another interesting choice for us left handers. I do plan on dropping it off at Stan Jacksons for a full trigger job.