Ok, I was putting in my muskox subsistence request, and got it!!! And while i was there, i put in for an elk and bear hunt on kodiak for kicks! And got them!!!!

Well, guess you know.....i have no idea about kodiak! I do live ina small native village east of nome and we hunt hard, but, have our machines.....

how am i gonna hunt Afognak island as cheaply as possible for elk in Oct?...do i rent aboat adn cruise, get a 4 wheeler...or jsut get a ride there adjh hike the ridgges and spot?????

and abotu the bear spring hunt???? is it frozen in april/may?...do i rent snow machines, or boat?...My brother is going to use the 'family tag' option that comes with this hunt, and may get a guide since he has some money...any ideas about guides?..

thanks for any help!

you can always email me at jssbastiat@aol.com

scottty starr