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Thread: Man charged with DUI after sinking boat

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    Default Man charged with DUI after sinking boat

    Has anybody out there heard of this? Do you know if there were passengers involved, or if the boat has been recovered? I sure hate hearing of deals like this, no matter how you "sugar coat" it, it still reflects poorly on the whole boating community in some way. The rivers are mighty unforgiving when it comes to poor judgement. (And the Troopers too, apparently)

    Man charged with DUI after sinking boat

    by Channel 2 News staff
    Monday, Aug. 6, 2007
    ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- An Anchorage man was arrested over the weekend after sinking his boat near the Susitna River boat launch. Alaska State Troopers are calling it a case of "drunk boating." According to Troopers, 29-year-old Marlon Stuart was operating his river boat while under the influence of alcohol. Stuart lost control of the boat, which got caught in a sweeper, and sank. He was arrested and charged with DUI.

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    Cool Drunk boater

    Good for the Troopers. I hope they take his boat and auction it off. Just what we need out there is more drunks. Like the highways aren't bad enough.

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    Was talking to a friend at work today and if this is the same one here this was a borrowed boat of a friend of his. A person that used to work for the guy used it to go dip netting. When the person was taking it to anchorage for they stopped to play and jump trees in the rive like they do in the adds for some boats.


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