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Thread: Overwhelmed and Need Help on Fishing In Alaska

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    Default Overwhelmed and Need Help on Fishing In Alaska

    I'm trying to surprise my husband for his 40th birthday over Labor Day and I am so overwhelmed by Alaska I am surprising him and 5 friends with a male bonding. trip of a lifetime. They all have little fishing experience but dream of catching fish. Big preferably. I have a lodge tentatively but today people told me too pricey. Please please I have one day. Where do I go and I would like a nice all inclusive lodge that takes care of those boys. Feedback.

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    Default Lodge


    I would take a look at Sportman's Cove Lodge on Prince Wales Island.

    As you already know, it will be tough finding a place that isn't booked already. Good luck. What a lucky bunch of guys.

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    Take a look at this list of lodges. I don't have any personal recommendations to give, but it is a good place to start from.

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    Default Trip

    You might try emailing or calling a Seattle travel agency and let them know exactly what you're looking for... I imagine they book more all-inclusive Alaska trips than any other city.

    I read that Seldovia is a good choice because of its location to deep water (lots less boat ride time to get to the halibut).

    Good Luck, Tom

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    Default be forwarned

    Be warned there is no such thing as a once in a lifetime trip to alaska. Only a first in a lifetime trip. Then a second, and a third, and a fourth. If he loves to fish then you might be in trouble, but I admire your generousity and courage at what might be coming when he gets back and he has a realestate brochure in his hand. ...........

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    Default Talaheim Lodge

    You might try Talaheim Lodge. I have not stayed there, but I know the owners and they are fine folks. Rainbow fishing should be good out there and maybe they're picking up early silvers? They have a helicopter operation and can put you on the fish if the fish are there.

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    Default Alaska alternatives

    Here are some ideas:

    Most lodges offer a variety of fishing experiences, yet, they seem to focus on one or the other species. It is all about location of the lodge and, in the case of salmon fishing, the timing of the seasonal return of a particular species of salmon.

    In early September, silver salmon fishing is still viable. Trout fishing will be improving. Other marine species can be fished with success.

    There are some wonderful lodges in Alaska -- a few have been mentioned or recommended herein.

    For some fantastic remote fly fishing for trout I would contact Brad Hughes at Alaska Point Lodge located on Lake Illiamna. Others have offered their recommendations to you for remote lodges --- I am sure that any recommended lodge will treat your husband and colleagues well. But, none will be inexpensive.

    For salmon contact one the aforementioned lodges in Southeast Alaska or in the south central Alaska area on the Kenai Penninsula. I prefer the Kenai Penninsula for my guests due to the ease of access to so many fisheries including fresh and salt water species and the ability to float a river or fish the marine environments. Any lodge on the Kenai has accessiblity to Homer, the Kenai River area, Seward, and even Whittier

    The lodge experience is expensive -- it will cost you a pretty penny. Yet, it is worth every cent. Lodge operators bend over backwards to provide the best experience. With friends that I have directed to one or another lodge I often wondered about trying to pinch a penny here or there. But, in the end, I have never felt taken advantage of or gouged. The lodges charge their fees as result of what it costs to operate -- most seem to love the business and life style more than making a profit. As in most cases you get what you pay for and it is not cheap.

    What a wonderful surprise and gift, that husband of yours is a lucky fellow.

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    Default Kodiak Island

    I friend told me this is a nice lodge on Kodiak Island just in time for the Silver run, plus offer Halibut. However, it may be more than you want to spend.

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    Default Self Tour

    They could do a self tour and fishing, hiring a charter out of Homer. They can rent a motorhome and pick it up at the Airport. Cheaper, but if you can afford a lodge it would be a great fist trip.

    I would have to agree with "akfishfool" its just the first of his lifetime trips to the Last Frontier!

    Your husband is very lucky! Good luck and please let us know how it goes!

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    How right you are, akfishfool!! We made our once-in-a-lfetime trip several yrs ago. Then another once-in-a-life-time trip. Last we were up there for a mo, this yr 5 weeks, next yr it will be 2 mos. Hope he takes you with next time. Nothing compares to AK. If this fishergirl can fish the AK waters anyone can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lucy9696 View Post
    ...Big preferably...
    Kings are done for this year. It's SILVERS now baby

    All the lodges I looked into were $600-$700 per night per person. No thank you. I stay in Wasilla and fish the Little Su with Norm from he charges $100 per person per day. (fishing only)

    We're staying at the as I type ($115 per night per cabin, sleeps 6)

    Here's a view of Norm handywork

    brad g.
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