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Thread: Halibut woes

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    Default Halibut woes

    I went out of Ninilchick for halibut back at the end of May and we got three fish on board for six people. Just one of those days I guess. The captain said that has only happened to him a couple times in several years. The nice thing is he guarantees the limit and takes you out for free if you don't limit out. So we went back out Sunday for our free trip. Weather was awful, swells were big, and we basically had to catch and keep first fish to the boat and get off the water. Unfortunately, that meant we all kept fish in the 15 pound range. So I have 10 packs of halibut in my freezer, which is not good for a family that eats halibut at least once per week.

    Question for everyone here. What do you recommend for charters this late in the game? Possibly out of Whittier? I was hoping to find an "open seat" on here to share gas, expenses and tag along, but none available for now. Certainly not looking for the barn door fish, but a couple of 40 pounders would be nice. The freezer is awful bare at the moment.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default profish or crackerjack

    Both Profish-N-Sea and Crackerjack charters are running all month out of Seward. Can't recommend them highly enough, only problem is getting a seat, which should be easier now that July is past. Profish's site shows some pretty awesome catches last year in August.
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    Second the recomendation with Profish-N-Sea or Crackerjack.


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