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    Well im really into boating and fishing mainly and im 14. This year I got my first boat ( a 9.2 ft inflatable) with no motor.... Now I already want to upgrade to something a little bigger.... something with a motor, and something I can take up the kenai etc. Anyways , I cant buy a full blown boat because we cant trailer 2 boats (parents have a 16'). So I've been reading alot about portaboats. They seem very sturdy, easy to transport etc. I even watched a video of one completely filled with water, guess what.... it still floated. The boat itself would be 1000$-1500$ (Used hopefully), Im kind of disappointed with the new 4 stroke rule.... a 9.9 hp four stroke (used) will set me back another 1000$-1500$.... I also was wondering if you think a 9.9 ( limit for a 14' portaboat) could go slowly but surely up the kenai keys area ( from above bings to skilak.) Any advice on previous owners or just pointers is appreciated. Oh one last thing ........ any other fun places for me to motor and catch fish with it would be appricated. I will probably buy the boat next summer----

    Thanks- nick

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    No one? =(, by the way to clerify im not a brat who is asking his parents for 3 grand... i have a job lol

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    I have a 12' port-a-boat that I run with an 8 horse tohatsu. Runs pretty fast and can handle quite a bit of weight, probably much more than you'd be taking on a fishing trip. I've got nothing but praise for this boat, don't think you'd go wrong with a 14' and a 9.9.


    Oh yeah, can't expect too many people to respond after 10:00.


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