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Thread: Moose hunting the 15c side of Tustumena Lake

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    Default Moose hunting the 15c side of Tustumena Lake

    My partner and I will be moose hunting the south side of Tustumena Lake for the last week of Moose season this year and are interested in hearing anyones experiences with hunting that area. Moose or otherwise.

    We will be navigating the lake in an 18" Hewescraft River Runner with a 115 Jet. Its not a good rough water boat but it is reliable, has a full canvas top, windshield, bilge pump, and a kicker. I also have a very strong sense of self preservation and that all so uncommon thing called common sense.

    Our plan thus far is to travel clear to the east end of the lake and start our hunt in Devils Bay. We want to hunt no more than 1 mile from shore as we hear the terrain is quite difficult for packing. We have planned on hunting the south shore of the lake all the way back to the native land near the mouth of the river if need be.

    Anyone have a story to tell, tips or hints to share, locations or areas on that section of land that you have found interesting?

    We went clear to the bay west of Big Bay but didn't find any good looking camp spots. I hear there is or was a cabin in Big Bay, and I don't want to camp at the mouth of any salmon streams due to the high concentration of bears. Any thoughts?

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    Just a quick note, we hunted the south side last year and saw nothing but bears. We have not been up there this year but last year there still was not a whole lot of grow back from the fire yet.

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    Suggest you concentrate your efforts as close to the glacier as your boundries permit. Right hand side of Creek in Devils Bay is where the moose winter, about a mile or two in. You will find sheds there on the plateau. Bear country, you will see lots. Poor fall moose habitat. Good luck.

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    My partner and I also intend to hunt this same place but in the first week in September. It'll be my first Alaska moose hunt. If I learn anything I'll let you know. It may be that 15c of Tustumena is not so great after all.


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