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    Hi guys, I had an earlier question regarding doing an oil change on our 2003 Yamaha 25 hp four stroke and someone mentioned being careful which way the motor is tilted or laid on it's side to prevent oil leakage (which we had).
    Maybe it's me, but I can't decipher what that sticker is trying to say on how to lay the motor; the sticker basically appears (to me anyway) that whatever way to store the motor is fine??? We leave the motor on the boat, but elevate the trailer/tongue way up in the air to store a couple of 4 wheelers on either side of the tongue in a connex. Looking back at the motor from inside the boat, which way is the best side to lean it on?
    Also, does someone know the size for the prop nut? A 7/8" wrench will work, but I'm sure it's metric.

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    Dipstick side up if you put it on its side.
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    Thanks Marv!


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