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Thread: 2007 Fall Karluk Lake Brownie hunt

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    Default 2007 Fall Karluk Lake Brownie hunt

    I was fortunate enough to draw the 07 Fall Karluk tag. Just looking to see if any of you have hunted Karluk. Info and stories would be appreciated, as well as prayers for me finding Mr. BIG;-)

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    Haven't hunted there, but spent plenty of time there in the fall- mostly at the upper end of the lake. From what I hear behavior is similar at the outlet, so this may help.

    Bears generally are only visiting the river after dark by then, spending their days holed up in the high brush fields if there are any. Also expect them in the dense stuff lower if there's not much cover up high. I'm not much for kicking brush to find bear, but you can zero in on their location without doing so till the last minute. If you watch early in the morning you can see them climbing out of the bottoms, and conversely, you can see them headed downhill in the evening.

    All a general rule of thumb, but it has always helped us avoid them, so you should be able to work the system in reverse.

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    Had the tag last fall. I hunted there in November. Lots of bears on the lake due to the shore spawners. The Big boys would come out at night. We saw two trophy bear in ten days and they were headed back into the alders at daybreak. Guarantee you will see lots of bears....... take an electric fence if you're camping on the mainland. It saved our butts. I would recommend you pitch camp on the island if you have a zodiac to get back and forth. There is a closed area over by Thumb Lake so be familiar with it.
    Did I say to take an electric fence....

    Good Luck


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