I felt compelled to write a positive post about the mechanics at marita, TOP NOTCH!! I purchased a used wooldridge sport with low time on the motor (merc 150 opti with jet and prop). Everytime I have gone in there to purchase oil or anything else, they have been 100% honest and helpful. I was dragging the boat with me one day, and stopped to get oil, and mitch the service manager was outside helping a customer with a new boat, and when he was finished, came over and gave me TONS of advice. I was in there the other day and both mitch and dick went over winterization with me, how to do it, and how to adjust my reverse bucket. I have had nothing but good things to say about the service there. There salesman could use some work, maybe they should learn a thing or two from the mechanics!
I thought i would pass on a good story, they are hard to come by sometimes!