Homer, Kasilof, Seward
(In case you're interested, a day of fishing out of Everett, WA)

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As promised, more pictures from our 25th anniversary trip to Alaska in mid July.

We landed in Anchorage, rented a car, and headed out for Homer. We LOVED Homer and wish we had more time to hang out. The little shops down at Homers Spit were great. If ever you find yourself down there be sure to check out the Salty Dawg for an adult beverage or soda and Homers Hot Shot for coffee. Wiley at the coffee shop has great pics of Brown Bears and Eagles.

We fished with Silver Fox and stayed at their Lodge. They ROCK! We headed out and fished in the vicinity of Elizabeth Island. This was my first time to do the rock fish / halibut thing. I only thought things were bigger in Texas. When I saw the size of the jigs with 3lb weights I thought it was a practical joke and was waiting for candid camera to pop out. I don’t mind saying this fat boy was POOPED by the end of the day. That’s a whole lot of work!

Our group landed a state trophy 60lb Ling and I landed a trophy yellow eye. Yes, it looks like a Texas size gold fish but you can rest assured I’m getting it mounted. We ate some of the ling tonight and it was excellent. First time this Texan had cooked ling. Yummmm.

From Homer we fished the Lower Kenai. I posted those photos and that story last week.

From the Lower Kenai. we fished the Kasilof. No luck there but had a nice day doing a meager 3 mile trip and learning to do what our guide called the “Kenai Twitch” for Reds. If you’re like me and had never snagged, the twitch is another name for snagging. You throw the oversized jig out at eleven o’clock, let the line weight tick along the bottom until your line reaches approx two o’clock, and jerk the line back towards you as if you’re setting the hook. Our guide landed a couple during an hour but the wife and I didn’t connect. Learn something new every day.

From the Kasilof we ended our trip in Seward with a site seeing cruise out to the glaciers and hiking around Exit Glacier. The wild life was spectacular. Our favorite hangout in Seward was Thorns bar and restaurant where we found the large bowl of halibut to be the perfect portion to split between the wife and I. On the way back to Anchorage we came across the Glacier jet tour boats about half way there. Had I know they were that close we’d have tried for a trip with them. Oh well, maybe there’ll be another trip one of these years.

Enjoy the pictures. Some have asked and I used my trusty Nikon D70 and a Nikon D2H I got off ebay right before the trip.