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  • Kifaru

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Thread: Favorite pack for Alaska Hunting

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    Default Favorite pack for Alaska Hunting

    Hi folks,

    We've had many discussions here on the "best" packs for Alaska hunting in the past, and the discussion is happening again. We've had a huge upsurge in membership in the last few months and though the old timers here have talked all this through before, there is some benefit in answering these questions for those who were not in on earlier discussions.

    To the new folks here, I point out our archives, where a wealth of material has been cataloged for purpose of providing this information for you. I know it takes time to plow through the material, but the stuff there is as good as what you get in the forums. Of course the benefit of the forums is that we can interact together and you end up with information tailored to your situation.

    Having said all that, I thought another poll on packs would be in order. So here's the deal. Select a pack from the list and post the reasons you use it. It would be helpful if you also post how much experience you have hunting in Alaska. I have found that some of the folks who come on strong here do not have much actual Alaska hunting experience. Doesn't mean that their views are not valued, but when it comes to what works and what doesn't, most people prefer to talk to someone who has been there.

    I'm trying to remember all the packs people have written about here, and I apologize if I forget yours. Just write it in, okay?

    Let's get this party started!

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    Default Cabelas pack

    I have about 6 years AK hunting under my belt. I bought this pack the first year up here and never had any reason to change. I have used it to pack out moose, caribou, and Blk bear. I have used it to pack my Pro Pioneer with no problems what so ever. I can not comment on the other packs due to the fact I have not used them. For the money spent on the Cabelas pack it has paid for itís self a few times over. I have had people ask me if its too heavy compared to the others I have never looked into the weights of all the packs but IMO I donít think that itís heavy at all. The pack is adjustable for most sizes and body shape (I'm 6'6" 250lbs) and I have had friends use it that were a good bit smaller than I (with adjustments of course). I have never had anything break on the pack. There are two things that I did not like when I first got the pack. 1. the top cross bar set too high so all I had to do was drill a small hole on each side of the cross bar and put it back on the pack and slide the pins in the new holes to lower the bar so now it sits below my head. 2. The pins have small wire loops that hang from them I did not like the ďtinkingĒ sound they made so I taped all the wire loops. Now with all that said the pack has served me well but I do have to admit that over that last couple of years I have started to move away from most of the gear from Cabelas as it does not withstand the test of Alaska time. I have heard nothing but great things about the Barneys packs and when the time comes one of them will be a passenger on my back. AIM straight all

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    Default Bull-Pac

    I use a Bull-Pac that I like a lot. Its basically a freighter frame with a bag attached. The Lochsa pack that came with it is more than large enough to carry what I need and them some.


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    Michael, I don't think this is a fair poll for hunting packs.

    A person living/hunting on Kodiak, PWS, and Souheast is not going to have the same requirements as someone in the Interior or Pennisula.

    So, you should ask which is your favorite pack for moose/caribou?

    I can fit a whole, large deer in my Kelty internal frame. I am in Alaska, and this is my BIG game...yet, it might support a single moose quarter with some doubts.

    Not everyone hunts where/when you do in Alaska.

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    Default external frames for me please

    I was born in AK and have hunted most of my life. My first moose was taken back in 1980. Prior to that I did the Boy Scout thing and camping/hiking trips.
    For years I used an old style Camp Trails Orion bag on a freighter frame. The early generation were heck for stout but had few thrills and frills. No chest strap, no shoulder cinch, thin padding. But I have carried 100 plus lbs out of the mountains at 150 odd pounds. I have carried whole moose quarters off of mature bulls through swamps. The external frames for those type of trips just seem to give me more options.
    The newest member of the family is a K2 Dana Longbed. Beaver Sports was the dealer, and Dave and Joe have spent a lot of time with me fitting and refitting the pack until it is just perfect. Say what you may about "high priced" local shops, but getting service like that is worth twice the price. (and it was at least as good a price as I found on the internet)
    From the Brooks to AK range, tanana flats to Koyukuk, 40 mile to Chichigof, and just about everything from deer to Moose, I do love my externals.

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    Red face Packs

    Iwill be leaving for a caribou in a week and plan on testing out a Badlands 4500 for the first time. I have only heard good things so far.....and packing around the house it seems to handle the loads real well. I guess only time will tell.

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    Like I've stated in other posts about packs, my primary hunting pack is a '92 vintage Cabelas Alaskan II.

    I've modified it a bit here and there and replaced the occasional buckle. after all these years it's still in good shape despite having been bounced down a mountain or two (with and without me in it).
    A newbie to Alaska who needs a sturdy, reliable pack at a moderate price can't go wrong with this one.

    I think next year I'll look to replace it. From the heaps of praise it gets I'll definitely be checking out the Barney's packs.

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    Gregory Shasta, it"s a simple tube with a detachable lid that converts into a fanny pack.I use it everywhere else so why not Alaska.
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    Default Bull-Pac

    I use the standard size Bull-Pac
    Its a work horse. I was impressed at how thick the padding on the shoulder straps are, and how comfortable this pack is with heavy loads.

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    Default Freighter Frame

    I have used the FF for many years. One of the first of course was a Trapper Nelson with a built on bag on the wooded frame. I have used, like many, the old military pack board. I now prefer the external frame with the ladder which coincedently is outfitted with a bag to keep the meat clean from the elements and when dropping after a long hike. I recently bought a Kelty FF with a unique nylon vest with oversize snap-buckles and a ladder which possibly could be outfitted with a bag. I'll hve to investigate that later.


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