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    I'm looking at setting up a 2008 trip. We fished the culvert and waterfall for kings years ago in Seward, now as I'm looking into charters it seems like a number of them are targeting kings early in the summer. Has this become a viable fishery? I'm all about catching kings, and if we could expect good results in Seward it will help me make up my mind to come in early June rather than late July next year. Between Kasilof kings, early Kenai kings, and now the possibility of Seward, I'm thinking it might work out. Is much of the king fishing in Seward done close in, maybe in proximity to the waterfall/culvert, timed to the tides? Or are they trolling for them farther out in the bay? Maybe a possibility of renting a boat from Millers and doing some small boat trolling for them ourselves? Any other good king fisheries anyone would suggest for early/mid June? Gotta fly somewhere...

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    After seeing my favorite charter operator pull in a few limits of kings for the boat, some even with chicken halibut limits on combos, I'm seriously considering such a trip(s) next June myself. I'd say it's definitely a viable fishery, but that the outfit I'm familiar with is getting the fish a couple or three hours out, where they're fishing the halibut. The shore folks do get kings at the waterfall, so I imagine trolling in the bay might produce some fish.
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    thanks Nickster...which charter outfit was that? Sounds like the kings there aren't especially large, do you know what size range they were? Ever rented from Millers (anyone?)

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    The past couple years the King fishing, even trying to snag them, by the waterfalls or culverts has been very tough. I basically gave up and foussed my search esle where. That's just my recent beach fishing experience , though. Many years ago the beach snaggin was good, but that doesn't mean the fishing isn't good farther out. I have no experience in a boat out of seward.

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    Here's a link to Profish-N-Sea's site with photos of some of their June catches...I'd say the kings went from 10-30 pounds by the look of them. Feeders for the most part. But a two-fish daily limit down there and several trips with limits.
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    Here's my newphew with one in Seward in early July, I have been taking this 6'4" 17 year old fishing regularly since he was 3. He hooked this one with a green squid skirt and bait trolling near Pony Cove.
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