I just wanted to take a second to thank everyone on this forum (and the forum folks themselves) for being so helpful & informative. All of the information, advice, and direction I've received from various people on this site has really helped us develop in our fishing; and that's what this forum is about; catching fish. I admit that I am fishing to fill our freezer; we don't live in Alaska but have bought land and built a place here, and spend untold $$$ on stuff here, but we all love it and wouldn't trade it in! We love eating fish and giving it away; none of it goes to waste, even the pinks. The information I've received from you guys has helped me this year to catch a couple of kings on the kenai from our own boat, catch some pinks in Hope, catch pike in Alexander lake, catch reds more efficiently (less body snags) in the Kenai. That's a lot of catching and we couldn't have done it without the help I've received online from this forum. Any teary eyes?
Alaska is great and the people are great. We are now fishing reds to give away to friends here that are not able to dipnet or some familys without dads, as our freezer is nearly full of fish. I just wish we could spend more time here; maybe someday. You guys that live here have a great state; I hate the costs of out-of-state fishing licenses, but have to give lots of credit to F&G for the job they do of managing all of the fisheries, especially the Kenai River. I fished on a commercial gillnetter in Cook Inlet for 3 years, from '97 thru 2000, but have now finally gotten that bug out of my system, my new 8 wt. flyrod having lured me away permanently!
Anyway, thanks to the forum and everyone on it.