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Thread: Copper River trail report with photos!

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    Default Copper River trail report with photos!

    Ok... I headed over to Chitina Monday and had the trip of a lifetime. I go ever year, but this one rocked. Fishing was good, although our usual holes were filled with charter folks, so it took us a day and a half to fill two limits. But the fish seemed large than last year, and we didn't throw back nearly as many seal bites or heavy red colored ones as last year either. Plus we had a bear messing with us down on the river, more moose walking thru camp than ever before, and just a great trip.

    I met my brother from Fairbanks and we took my 4wheeler down the road. Since we had 4 days and only needed 1.5 for fishing we did an excursion down the road to take pictures and see the damage for ourselves. I have to say that had I not towed a trailer I may not have taken my machine down the road all the way. I'm not a hardcore rider, and I have a Yamaha 660 Grizzly - big machine with full independent suspension which is not the greatest for side hill riding. Had I not had a trailer, and mounted my cooler on the rack, my CG may have been more than I wanted to attempt on a couple of spots while riding double. But having the trailer worked great. It tracked fine behind me and gave me no trouble.

    What impressed on me most was not the slides coming down and covering the road, but more the areas were the road was sliding off into oblivion. It was impressive to be riding down the road and you look down and there are cracks wider than ever along the edges and sides of the trail. It won't take much to make more come down I think... and getting thru a slide coving is one thing, but trying to get around where the road simply disappeared is a whole 'nother thing. I should also say we were suprised to see the Fish and Game officer riding his machine back at Haley Creek!

    The most impressive area of all is Haley creek. My god... it's amazing. The river is totally different - the waterfall changed, the water pool is GONE, and where the river used to run it's now a 15 foot tall gravel pile, from the waterfall to the Copper. The water now runs down the old road out to the sand bars (which are all gone) and the bridge is nowhere to be seen. Wow. Don't mess with mother nature!!!

    The photos are all loaded on my photobucket site -
    Although they start in order, from Haley Creek working back to O'brien creek.
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    I also went down on Monday with a couple other guys I work with. We had 3 limits, including 3 nice 30+ pound kings by Tuesday afternoon. The trail was pretty bad. If nothing is done with the trail by next year I will probably leave the 4 wheelers at home and take the charter. I hate to do this, but if the trail is any worse next year, I will not try to hassle getting down it.

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    Its always nice to view these pictures during the winter off months in preperation for the new fishing year. I havent tried the trail sense the big collapse a few years back, but I have taken a boat in which was a real adventure

    I would love to take the trail back to the honey hole again someday, but I dont know that I want to take my Jeep back there. From the look of the pictures, I am not sure I can get past the atv bridge. Has anyone been there and attempted it in a vehicle, or is it out of the question?

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    Default Don't do it.

    I have an ATV (800cc Polaris with tracks) and with the tracks I was able to "comfortably" make it past the tunnel. Those with wheels (atv) had to balance their rigs appropriately or they would fall very far into the drink
    There where a few with atvs that made it back that far. With a Jeep the trail is now too narrow and washed out.


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