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    I am looking for some help or advice on a Sheep Hunt in Delta (DS204). I drew for a motorized sheep hunt, and the day I drew the tag I started planning for this hunt. This hunt has been my life's ambition. Recently I have been having medical problems, and I have had to be off work for a little over a month. I still really need to do this hunt, and I am wondering if anyone out there has any suggestions on how I could pull it of in a 3-4 day hunt with little or no expense. I would be looking at going on Labor Day weekend. My original plan was to go in July Creek area, however that trip would burn up all of the time that I have. I have gone in from the Richardson side, exploritory routes, and seen very limited sheep, none of them even legal. Any help would be appreciated, I know how hunters guard thier secrets.

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    I hunted this area in 2004. If your headed south on the richardson highway, past the black rapids historical marker, you will come across a radio tower up on a hill. Drive up to the radio tower. There you can ride or hike into the mountains. I would follow the creek to your right from the radio tower. I missed a shot at a just barely legal ram. He might be good size by now if he still roams there. Have fun.


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