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Thread: Rockfish in whittier?

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    Default Rockfish in whittier?

    Do you troll for rockfish the same way you do for silvers/with same setup? We dont have rod holders, or downriggers... one last thing are they abundant in passage cannal

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    Find points of land at the corners of the bays and fish near bottom...I use herring and jigs with good success...the steeper/deeper the drop the better. Don`t forget to run a heavy leader or wire and line 15# test or better as you never know what you`ll hook.

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    So how deep would you expect these spots to be? Are there any fish in front of the rookery or in shotgun cove, and can you use halibut gear?

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    The outer edges of shotgun are`re basically looking for 40+' of water and fish as deep as you are comfortable going. You can use halibut gear but I would personally run smaller gear that could handle a halibut if you tie into one.

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    Whats the best rockfish for eating? Yelloweye correct?......... Thanks for the info man... if you know of any other coves or tactics for rockfish/halibut or silvers please send me a pm... oh and when do silvers start coming into passage cannal and the general within 5 miles of harbor area

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    I fish in about 15 feet of water with a bucktail jig, that way you can catch and release
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