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The Division of Sport Fish will operate two fish wheels in the Kenai River near river mile 28, about one mile upstream of the Moose Range Meadows boat launch at the end of Keystone Drive. The wheels will be in place through October 5.

The fish wheels are located on both banks of the river, and are tethered to the river banks with partially submerged lines up to 200 feet long. The lines are marked with orange floating buoys and may extend out from the shoreline up to 30 feet. Anglers and boaters should be alert and use extreme caution in this area.

The fish wheels are used to capture coho (silver) salmon for a research project.

There are also weir structures installed in the river, in order to direct fish to the fish wheels. By regulation, waters within 300 feet of a fish weir are closed to sport fishing, including catch-and-release. The section of river closed to fishing is designated by ADF&G markers on each river bank.

To avoid the equipment and anchoring lines, boaters and anglers should stay in the middle of the river channel near river mile 28.

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