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Thread: 1 Month Moose Countdown

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    Default 1 Month Moose Countdown

    Exactly 1 Month left till we head into beautiful Alaska. 17B Moose hunt with a 'bou tag for the remote chance at a 'bou or blackie. Getting REALLY pumped up for this 17 day adventure! Any last minute advice??

    Good luck to all on your adventures! Post some pics on your returns!


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    Hate to be the bearer of bad news but expect to see more people than moose. Between the Air Taxi's and Guide camps 17B is a circus at that time of the year. How do I know, I've guided and hunted the area and still live in Bristol Bay. I suppose some will say I'm just trying to keep you out of my backyard, but just don't expect wilderness solitude. Remember 17B is the area Byron Lamb was guiding in when he had his little "misunderstading" with another Outfitter. Be safe, have fun, and good luck!

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    Default what happened

    What was the "misunderstanding" in unit 17b. What happened with the Bryon Lamb story?

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    Isn't he the guide who swooped at some people with his plane in an attempt to run them off "his" hunting area?
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    I'm not too worried about "lots of other hunters". 17B is pretty big, and I'm used to whitetail opening day in PA. I'm sure I'll run into some others, and I'm also confident that there's a legal bull or two where I'll be hunting. Just gotta get to 'em early. I would venture to guess that there's alot of "road hunters" that'll be cruising lakeshore and floating rivers. We're planning on getting inland, beyond them if necessary, keeping in mind the pack out. Have to be honest- I'd really like the opportunity to kill a big one two miles in, spend way too long packing him out and learn the hard way that I'll never shoot one that far from boat/road again. At least I'll have my Moose! Definitely looking foreward to this adventure!

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    Default 17B


    Shoot me a PM if you get a chance, let me know where in 17B you're going, and who you're hunting with or getting flown in by? I've hunted 17B several times, will be happy to give you my experience, for what that's worth.


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    Sent you a PM.


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