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Thread: A Wish for All - As YOU Head Afield

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    Man, this is killin' me, but I'm gonna take the high road.....

    I changed jobs last October, shortly after my successful moose hunt (also got a wolf) out of Tok. So, I'm still coming to Alaska in early September, but only for two weeks to visit my Mom and sisters, as opposed to 4 weeks with a wilderness hunt included! I'm envious of EVERY ONE of you guys and gals that's hunting AK this fall, but I'm going to take the high road and send out my best wishes and hopes for each and every one of you:

    As the magic of Autumn draws near, I wanted to send my best wishes to all of my fellow sportsmen and sportswomen. May the experiences we have this Fall reinvigorate the child within each of us, and reinforce our respect and appreciation for the wilderness and the creatures who abide there.

    To the outfitters and guides: May the season bring you clients of the highest character, a relative lack of logistical problems, and safe passage through the season. May one of your clients, or an experience on one of your hunts, bring back the wonder you felt, on your first Alaskan wilderness adventure;

    To the bush pilots: May the weather be cooperative, your equipment operate as intended, and may your clients be on time and in the right location. May each of you pass safely through the season, as you earn your keep in the most beautiful office in the world;

    To the hunters: May the wind be in your face, the sun at your back, and may you see game both varied and abundant. May your experiences afield be safe and memorable, regardless of the type of hunt or the success of the harvest. May each of you take pleasure in seeing firsthand some of the animals that truly make an Alaskan hunt unique: the Alaskan grizzly or brown bear, the bald eagle, the wolf, and the wolverine;

    To hunters on your first Alaskan hunt, a special wish: As you embark into America’s last frontier, may your experience be everything that you’ve heard about and dreamed of. May the memories you create, last a lifetime;

    To the spouses, friends, and family who support us and endure our obsession with hunting and the outdoors: May each of you know how much your support and friendship means to us, even if we sometimes forget to say so. May we find a way this Fall to acknowledge that support, in some manner that means the most to each of you;

    To each and every one of you – may you all experience at least one moment that makes the 2007 season truly special, something that you can look back on for many years with wonder and joy.

    Good luck and good hunting,


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    Default thanks...

    Mike, thanks for the kind words.

    All the best with your Fall plans.


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    Michael, if you find your way to Fairbanks shoot me a pm. I would be more than happy to take you out even for just a day hunt, or a boat ride into moose country. If you're as good of a guy as your post makes you sound, we need more like you in Alaska.


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    Looks like you covered all the bases. Thanks for reminding all of us, how fortunate we are to live in such a wild and beautiful place, as well as the opportunities we have to harvest some of the best big game animals in the world!

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    Oh man! What a wonderfull blessing. Thank you so much and ditto on LabMans offer. I have never met him but I am getting to know his dad (AK River Rat), we've been hiking together a couple times. If you make it to Fairbanks get a hold of us so we can at least have a cup of coffee together. I will be meeting Falcon next tuesday when flys in for his lifelong dream of Dall Sheep hunting.

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