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Thread: .400 H&h????

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    Question .400 H&h????

    What on earth is taking the .400 & .465 H&H cartridges so long to surface? I got to thinking about them again after reading the .416 Ruger thread but didn't want to hijack that thread, so....

    what I like about it is the easy availability of brass, low pressure, 5k ft/lbs. of energy and it'll use the same bullet (if I recall) as the .450-400 3" I just bought. That would give me a 4k ft./lb. gun (actually two, with the .375 H&H) and a 5k ft./lb. gun. All I'd need then is a .458 Lott or the .465 H&H to round out my all-world battery. I know I'll eventually want to get my hands on a .416 Murphy and maybe a .470 Capstick as well. Hmmm, then there's the .470 N.E. as a retirement gift to myself!

    BTW Murphy, if I make it up to Fairbanks anytime soon, I'm gonna look you up and try and mooch a .416 Murphy cartridge off of you for my collection! Just thought I'd give you fair warning!


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    Default 400 H&H is slower than H....

    Wouldn't it be a nice addition to the battery. A 450/400 in a bolt gun.

    In keeping with the Holland philosophy and using their gently tapered case and sloping shoulder and operating at very mild pressure levels they are able to exceed the 400 Jeffery ballistics of 400 grains at 2150 fps for 4000 lbs of energy. This 400 H&H will launch the 400 grain .410" Woodleigh at 2375 fps for 5000 lbs of energy. And this from a bolt rifle that can be an exact dulication of the well established 375 H&H.

    A good move for them if it ever shows up. I hope somebody locally will chamber the round, it would be an easy wildcat to make though. It has already been necked to 416 I don't know if the H&H case has been necked up to .410" before but that is what we have here. 400 grains at 2370 is 416 Rigby ballistics and that is serious medicine for big bad guys. The H&H case has been around for about a hundred years, no reason to stop building new calibers on the case now.

    Oh, yeah do stop by when you're in town. Jamison is making my brass, hopefully they will get to it by the time the rifle arrives. I have been back burnered there, they have a big govenrment contract ahead of me. They said 8 to 10 months last week. The rifle is due in April, the reamer should be here later this month and the dies are 3-4 months out. I can use 375 Dakota brass but I want my own.
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