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Thread: Reloading supplies in Anchorage?

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    Default Reloading supplies in Anchorage?

    New to Anchorage and looking for the best place to pick up reloading supplies, powder, primer, bullets, etc. Any suggestions, or is mail order still the best.

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    Sportsmans Warehouse is one place. Boondocks in Eagle River is another, but the trouble with the local stores is they might not stock everything you want, or they run out, and restock only when they run out of everything.

    I don't mail order powder or primers, but I often order bullets.

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    I usually try the local palces (Boondocks, Great Northen Guns, Mt View Sporting Goods, etc.). If I can't get what I want there I'll go to Sportsman's Warehouse (as a personal thing I try to avoid the big box stores when I can). I've often found that Boondocks has good prices on powders. I will sometimes mail order bullets. One thing about Boondocks, they don't take plastic, it is strictly check or cash. The owner, Don Hanks, refuses to pay the credit card surcharges or pass the cost onto his customers.
    Good luck.


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