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Thread: Valdez Black Bear Possibilities?

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    Question Valdez Black Bear Possibilities?

    I will be fishing out of a 50hp 21ft rental boat in Valdez this fall and I was wondering what the chances of seeing or accessing huntable black bears from the boat would be? I was wondering if it would be worth bringing a rifle and a bear tag along? Also, how much of the land in that area is open to public hunting? Any help would be great.

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    Plenty of bears in the Valdez Arm. Saw many this spring and got this one. Good luck and good hunting, used a river boat to get it done.


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    You might still find some lingering around a salmon stream after Sept. 1st. Try the back of Jack Bay or the rear of Saw Mill. Most all of the land where you will have access is either City of Valdez or Chugach Nat. Forest Lands. Native lands are a little farther out about 1/4 miles before Galena Bay.

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