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Thread: PWS Halibut Jig Weight?

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    Question PWS Halibut Jig Weight?

    I am going to try Halibut fishing out of Valdez for the first time and have a few 16oz, 12oz, and 8oz halibut jigs. I am not familiar with the currents in PWS and was wondering if anyone had a preferred jig weight for this area. I am not sure what depths I will try but was concerned the 16oz jigs may be too heavy or big or that they may deter smaller fish from biting. I was also wondering what else I might catch using these in the Sound. I have 11" boneyard glow grubs on them. Are there many lings in the sound or would I have to go farther out, what else might I catch? Skates, rockfish, cod, eel? Any suggestions or opinions would be much appreciated?

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    It all depends on how fast the tidal currents are running. Check the tide book on the dates you are fishing to see how big the tidals swings are. Closer to slack tide you should have no problem getting down with 8 oz, unless the wind is blowing hard. I would target the halibut and lings in 100 - 150 ft of water out in the gulf area. It would help to have a ocean chart of PWS.

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    As mentioned, depends on depth and tides. Yesterday was one of the highest tide change days in the sound and we were fishing 6 to 16 oz jigs, in 70 to 300' of water on the butt rods. Honestly I think the 16's are overkill for most situations and they really ware you out when the fish aren't hitting, which the butts definately weren't. Then again, I wouldn't go out without a few 16's just in case. Fish the lightest jig you can get away with.

    One way to pick up on the smaller fish is to run a stinger hook about 18" up from your jig with a small grub on it. 8-10/0 gammys on a couple inches of 80# are plenty.

    The 4 of us caught and threw back more rockfish than we kept, ended up with 4 yellow eye, nearly a dozen dusky and black bass, got a few silver salmon and nearly a dozen pinks. I had one butt slam a pollock we fished as live bait, but not a single but hit herring, salmon or any of the jigs we ran. My son was murder on the rockfish jigging a buzz bomb from mid water to the bottom. I'd definately have both a butt rod and a salmon rod on board. A med weight salmon rod w/ 20# mono and 2-4 oz jigs is a great setup for salmon and rockfish.

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    We generally stick with the 16 oz. Put big skirts on backwards with a slice of octopus and hearing. We hook plenty of 10-20 lbrs on the bigger jigs and it makes it much easier to consistently keep control of where you are fishing and your feeling for the bottom. It is neat being able to tell you just plopped back down on a big rock, lifted up, and the rock disappeared giving you the idea that a but or ling may be on the other side of that rock waiting to pounce so you know to give it another foot or two of line right away.


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