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Thread: Lost Mokai REWARD

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    Default Lost Mokai REWARD

    On the Chulitna(sp) a few miles below the bridge a bule Mokai was over turned and lost down river driver was pulled from water unharmed.

    There is a reward for the boat.

    Contact me I will put you in touch with owner.

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    Default MOKAI found

    The Mokai was found about 3 miles down stream.

    It had a blue tank that came out, if you see a big blue tank floating or hung up in a log jam let us know.

    Thanks for the extra eyes.

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    Boat has been recovered with all but the paddle this morning.
    Was under water 30 hours.
    Engine was flushed of water cleaned and restarted by 1:00 pm.
    Minor scratches and broken number plates, took 3 big jet boats to get it out full of sand.

    Happy ending.


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