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Thread: Catching Brass??

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    Question Catching Brass??

    I've just started reloading and after purchasing getting my first few loads loaded up. I've started to wonder, how do you guys who shoot semi-auto pistols keep your brass? I shoot a glock 20, and trying to catch all the brass, even if shooting one round between "brass chasing" is next to impossible. Are there any make-it-yourself or commercially bought "brass catchers"?? I know I've seen some for AR-15's but I was wondering if they make anything like that for a Glock??



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    Good question. There is such a device. Midway sells one that attaches to the shooters hand with a velcor strap, a net basket, that works pretty good. There is also one called E&L brass catcher and it is a plastic box that attaches to the gun and I think they have one for a glock. I have seen them at competitive shoots made by different folks in different styles. Some attach to a shooting box, the type that bullseye shooter might use. I have used about 10 different kinds and they all work to varying degrees.

    When I shoot on my place or out in a gravel pit I use a tarp tied between posts or two trees to catch and funnel brass into a box or bucket. The scurge of the auto loader. You can always spot a handloader at the range, he's the guy with the knees worn out of his jeans from kneeling down to pick up brass.

    A little shooting tip. If you see for the brass coming out of the pistol, I mean see it clearly, that means your focus is where it is supposed to be...on the front sight. Also if your Glock (or any autoloader) is tossing brass all over the hillside, that means your grip is not what it should be and the shots probably go astray also. A hard holder will group brass into a bucket, and of course the bullet holes will be a tight group also.
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    Great idea on the tarp, Murph. I think the only time I've ever recovered all the brass outdoors is when I went back at night with a flashlight. Walking around the landing zone with the light made the little suckers gleam. Of course the last 5% took forever to spot. Kind of like rounding up cows in pin oak canyons!

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    Arrow Brass catchers

    Don't know if you have available to you the kind of brass catchers I have down here in Louisiana but mine work great they are a little expensive at times but well worth it their names are Joe and Jake and they don't miss a piece..Grandkids are great..just another idea for you to think about..good shooting Ronnie


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